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Precision conveying systems for multi-station assembly, processing and inspection.

Agile Assembly Machines are built with both the machine builder and end user in mind.

In partnership with Swanson, machine builders and end users have leveraged Agile Assembly's simplicity, ruggedness and deployability to uniquely achieve superior performance and major savings in design and build costs and time.


From standard precision link conveyor chassis to customized conveyor systems, Swanson has the solution for you!

Precision conveying systems for multi-station assembly, processing and inspection.


Get what you need.

Even with a wide range of standard sizes available, some applications are unique to the industry.  Swanson continues to excel in customizing its solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer.


Precision work positioning.

Utilizing the designs that are above industry standard, Agile Assembly achieves the most accurate work positioning in its class.


Dynamic performance.

Whether your application requires slow or fast work transfer, Agile Assembly delivers the motion in the smoothest manner, free of excess vibration.


Rugged construction.

Made from cast iron, stainless, high grade aluminum alloy and tool steels, each machine chassis is designed and built for the most accurate work transfer, sturdiest tool mounting and longest life.



An array of standard materials, surface plating and lubrication types are available to meet your application’s needs.


Flexible. Adjust your solution when it’s needed.

From your design stage through post-installation, Agile Assembly’s modular approach allows machine lengths to increase or decrease without wasted materials or effort.


Robot friendly.

Accurate and solid mounting features through the machine are ideal for integrating your preferred robotic solution.

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